Friday, February 20, 2015

My lungs burned as I captured different perspectives through my camera lens

Shout-out for learning about perspective and how pictures like this capture one's interest.

This sunrise was glorious yet, so cold.
Among many aspects that I have learned in this class, this assignment yet again opened my eyes to many new areas of shooting pictures. Forcing me to be creative, yet to also understand the camera controls, I enjoyed capturing different moments. It was a lung burning cold morning when I had decided to take my pictures. I felt capturing my pictures outside with the sun arising, and our energetic family dog would add a little bit of flavor and express more of who I am, and what I enjoy capturing. 
He indulged in the snow as we wandered around our backyard.
During this assignment, I learned that it is important to get creative with your pictures, but also to make sure your camera settings are properly set. I messed around with the different setting on my camera, just to see how it would affect my pictures.  Having the camera settings properly set determined a lot.
I used the technique of wide depth of field for both, my first and last picture. This was very tricky for me. Between managing my ISO settings and working with natural light, I realized that my camera is my friend and not my enemy. For my second photo I used, a shallow depth of field. I thought this to be interesting because the sun was rising bleeding colors of oranges mixed with pinks.
Lastly, I learned through a series of articles that I read before taking my pictures that the light and setting impact the images outcome.
Capturing my pictures was an adventure through knee-high snow with man’s best friend by my side.

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