Friday, February 6, 2015

A gander through a little eye

Student waits for the light.
   This assignment required us to take use our creative minds and capture a newsworthy event somewhere on Wayne State's campus.
   With the rapid development of technology, cell photography is booming. At first, I thought this was going to be an easy task. Over time though, it really pushed me out of my comfort zone and required me to think outside the box. I enjoyed capturing moments on campus that, I felt allowed other people to peek in and see what we are all about.
   For Twitter, I captured this picture of a local student riding his bike. Transportation around and to campus always amazes me. Prior to this, him and I had both turned onto the same street and he was riding his bike next to me. Then when we both stopped at the light, I asked if I could snap a picture of him. Surprisingly, he was all for it.
   I used this picture as a newsworthy event, because I often think sometimes we take things for granted, like having a car or how we get around campus. I also find it interesting how using bikes on campus is a part of the university, up until snow fall. Capturing this picture was an adventure and I learned a little about the ways of transporting around on a bike at Wayne State University.
Walk ways to be plowed or not?
   My second picture that I captured, was on a cold snowy day while trudging from building to building. I found this picture to be newsworthy because I thought it was interesting how most of the walk ways on campus do not get plowed. I do give Wayne State some credit for removing some snow, but for the most part all of us are trudging through snow that has not been removed. As snowfall continues, I wonder if they will actually take the time to remove it.
   What I learned from this assignment and through the tutorials is it's okay to feel uncomfortable and to go outside my own comfort zone. Also, that being creative is important.
   Though these two aspects contribute greatly to capturing moments. Another aspect I learned was how important it is to promote myself through hashtags, my blog, and Twitter. This is what exposes us to other fellow bloggers, and gets our name out there, along with our pictures. Capturing different moments on campus was interesting. This allowed me to be creative with my cell phone which was fun as well.

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