Friday, April 24, 2015

Hard Cider 101

For my final project I decided to capture a photo story of Blake's Hard Cider Co. This was an adventure and in the process I learned all about making a video. This was an interesting and challenging assignment for many reasons. One main reason in particular, was mastering the audio. Recording someone so they sound clear and learning how to edit audio, was a tough ordeal. Overall, I did enjoy this project because it taught me that I won't get anything perfect the first time and that this is a learning process.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wood sculpting artist carving his own path since 2004

In his shop LaCasse concentrates sculpting away on his latest carving of a Native man.  
Alec LaCasse poses with his latest sculpture that he is working on.
 Being able to read emotion and feeling connected to a picture, is something I feel is captured throughout a series of moments. Moments allow you  preview into someone's personal life. A moment that needs no words, but yet relays a message.
   Pictures are moments in which we capture the beauty of those surrounding us.
   The portrait assignment was thrilling and extremely enjoyable for me. I felt this project tuned into my inner creativity and allowed me to think outside the box. Yet, this time I will say the feeling of unfamiliarity did not consume my emotions.
LaCasse focuses under the light while continuing to sculpt.
   The camera operations are still tricky, but overtime I feel that I will become confident and master them.
  The aspect that challenged me the most was the headshot. Between the lighting and trying to set the camera settings, I was having a hard time.
   Alec is a man of great character. He is quiet, yet radiates creativity and speaks words of wisdom. I captured pictures of him for this assignment because to me, he is such a unique human being, with an extremely beautiful talent.
   We pondered our way out to his shop. Once inside, we chatted for a few moments. Stooping to his knees, he tossed a few logs into the fire. Surrounding us was different collections of wood, wood shavings, tools and pictures. The atmosphere was cozy and inviting.
   I believe people and what they do for a living, tells a story about who they are. Alec's story is unique and crafted with genuineness. For a living, he handcrafts wooden sculptures of all sorts.
   Throughout the night, we exchanged thoughts about his journey and how he came about creating wood sculptures. A journey that started back in the fourth grade and has brought him here today.
   Aside from being frustrated with my camera settings and the lighting, this project was extremely fun for me. Portrait photography is an aspect of photography that requires you to be creative and have fun. Though I will say having people person skills is something that helped throughout this assignment. Without being able to interact with people, I feel that portrait photography would be extremely challenging.
   Overall, portrait photography, in my eyes, is an aspect of photography that tells someone's story through what they love doing.

Please stop running; so I can take your picture

Armada's fan section cheers on the Tigers. 
Head coach Russell Collins gives Armada 
player Adam Job direction on the next play.
   As I stepped into the gym of Richmond High School, my heat raced with excitement. This was my first time capturing pictures for a sporting event. A basketball game in particular.
   With a smile plastered on my face, I looked around the gym and thought to myself,
that I have no idea what I am doing.
   I normally feel like I have a great grasp on situations that I am un-familiar with. This time though, I was treading in some deep waters; that which forced me to take my life saving device off and swim.
   Within moments of capturing different pictures, frustration overtook my emotions. Picture after picture and blur after blur, I felt defeated and very discouraged.
   Capturing a sports feature photo was extremely challenging for me, in many different aspects. The main aspect that was very challenging, was my camera settings, and I kept capturing photos that did not turned out blurry.
   Taking a quality photo of the athletes was another extremely challenging aspect. For the most obvious reason; the players were running around.
   After the first two quarters had passed I felt that I had finally sometime mastered my technique, somewhat. I became comfortable after reassuring myself and learning that different camera setting will affect my pictures.
Adam Job defends the basket against Richmond player Dillon McInerney.
    Aside from being pushed outside my comfort zone; I was also challenged with capturing images that were visually appealing.
   Shooting pictures for a sports feature was way harder that what I thought it was going to be. I did not expect it to be an easy task, but I also didn't expect it to be so frustrating.
   Though my emotions did rise, I enjoyed being out on the court and taking pictures of the athletes in their natural environment.
   Another aspect I enjoyed, was being able to watch the athletes. I  admired the teamwork, passion, and support of a team that grew together throughout their season. The night boiled down with a lost for the Armada Tigers. It was the last game of their season.
   Throughout this experience, I learned that capturing pictures of sports takes time and effort. It is one skill that develops over time and creates a feeling of confidence when mastered. Also I learned during this event that fear of messing up will only limit my creativity and what I can accomplish.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Feature photos are what you make them

Rebecca Friedman, 24, Wayne State student studies for midterms in The David Adamany Undergraduate Library.
Ahmed Taqi, 30, Wayne State student admires the art located in the Elaine L. Jacob Gallery.
   I was frustrated, worn out, and done with visually creating how my feature pictures should go. I trudged around campus with my camera in hand, hopeless for capturing a feature picture.
This assignment was very challenging for me. I consider myself to be a creative visualizer, and yet I could not find my groove when capturing pictures.
   Aside from my negative feelings overwhelming me, I wandered my way into Undergraduate Library. I walked my way up the stairs to find an abundance of students. Filled with joy and happiness, I knew that I could finally capture my pictures for this feature assignment.
 This assignment was challenged my comfort zone. This assignment challenged me to go outside my box and talk to students in different settings.
   Approaching slowly to the cozy study corner, I introduced myself, and explained why I needed to capture her in this moment. Rebecca Friedman, 24, Wayne State University student was studying for midterms in The David Adamany Undergraduate Library.
“ This is my last semester at Wayne State. After graduating I am taking a trip to California to see my sister and my childhood best friend," said Friedman.
   Gabbing away, Friedman explained that she has enjoyed her four years here at Wayne State, but is excited to see what the future has in store for her. Wrapping up her chapter here, she will be graduating in May with a Bachelors degree in Media Arts and Studies.
   For my next picture, I attended an open art gallery called Blood Sport. Plastered on walls were different pieces of art that were emerged the beauty of blood. Going to into the art gallery I had expected a decent amount of people would be there. Allowing me to capture the picture I needed.    Low and behold, there wasn't more than one person in the gallery, who so happened to be the receptionist. I simply asked him to wander around and look interested in the art. Within moments, I had my planned picture and I was more than satisfied. Small talk was exchanged between us about art and what it means to him.
"Art, it's like uh, how someone interprets their internal feelings and sensation and transform them into a form of creativity," said Taqi. 
   This assignment pushed me out of my comfort zone in many different aspects. From talking to new people and taking a small glimpse into their lives, I learned the importance of taking down proper names, and having proper camera settings. I started off with a negative attitude towards feature photos, but then over the course of time, I learned feature photos are what I make them. 

The importance of the First Amendment

Capturing a rare picture, you smile to yourself with great content. You know this will be it, your big moment. This is the picture that will earn you the promotion you’ve been longing to have.
Scanning over the picture, your eyes draw to a small hand that was caught in the frame. In disappointment, you roll your eyes. This hand ruined your masterpiece picture.
With a few clicks, the hand that once lingered in the frame is now gone. Your masterpiece has now been restored, but what about your ethics and creditability?
Throughout this assignment we read many different articles about the First Amendment and ethics.
While reading over them, I thought to myself what they personally mean to me as a journalism student. Being able to express myself throughout my pictures and reports, without being told what to post or where to post is what the First Amendment means to me, along with providing trustworthy ethics throughout my work and just being honest.
Ethics is one aspect of this lesson that really resonated with me. In today’s society, it is very easy for anyone to alter or significantly change facts or pictures. I feel the way you capture a picture and what you write about them speaks about you and your character as a person. 
Though altering may make the picture more attractive, you are losing not only your credibility as a journalist, but also your ethics.
The way in which you honor both these aspects will not only speak about your character but also, your work as a journalist. 

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Friday, February 27, 2015

What about the caption?

 I normally pay attention to the words under a picture in a newspaper. If anything, my intention is to gander over the picture, see the detail, and determine if it draws my interest enough to read the article.
 During this assignment, we were assigned articles that taught us the importance of captions and why they are crucial in journalism.
 For myself, captions are really tricky because they force me to be creative yet explain what is going on in the picture.
 Throughout this assignment, I learned that when captioning pictures it is important to identify what is taking place in the picture. Without identifying what is happening, the reader may become lost of uninterested in the article.
 Providing the reader with an identity can be challenging.
 Another aspect that I took away from reading the articles, is that spelling names correctly is critical. Not only is it embarrassing for you, but also your employer.

Friday, February 20, 2015

My lungs burned as I captured different perspectives through my camera lens

Shout-out for learning about perspective and how pictures like this capture one's interest.

This sunrise was glorious yet, so cold.
Among many aspects that I have learned in this class, this assignment yet again opened my eyes to many new areas of shooting pictures. Forcing me to be creative, yet to also understand the camera controls, I enjoyed capturing different moments. It was a lung burning cold morning when I had decided to take my pictures. I felt capturing my pictures outside with the sun arising, and our energetic family dog would add a little bit of flavor and express more of who I am, and what I enjoy capturing. 
He indulged in the snow as we wandered around our backyard.
During this assignment, I learned that it is important to get creative with your pictures, but also to make sure your camera settings are properly set. I messed around with the different setting on my camera, just to see how it would affect my pictures.  Having the camera settings properly set determined a lot.
I used the technique of wide depth of field for both, my first and last picture. This was very tricky for me. Between managing my ISO settings and working with natural light, I realized that my camera is my friend and not my enemy. For my second photo I used, a shallow depth of field. I thought this to be interesting because the sun was rising bleeding colors of oranges mixed with pinks.
Lastly, I learned through a series of articles that I read before taking my pictures that the light and setting impact the images outcome.
Capturing my pictures was an adventure through knee-high snow with man’s best friend by my side.