Friday, March 13, 2015

Feature photos are what you make them

Rebecca Friedman, 24, Wayne State student studies for midterms in The David Adamany Undergraduate Library.
Ahmed Taqi, 30, Wayne State student admires the art located in the Elaine L. Jacob Gallery.
   I was frustrated, worn out, and done with visually creating how my feature pictures should go. I trudged around campus with my camera in hand, hopeless for capturing a feature picture.
This assignment was very challenging for me. I consider myself to be a creative visualizer, and yet I could not find my groove when capturing pictures.
   Aside from my negative feelings overwhelming me, I wandered my way into Undergraduate Library. I walked my way up the stairs to find an abundance of students. Filled with joy and happiness, I knew that I could finally capture my pictures for this feature assignment.
 This assignment was challenged my comfort zone. This assignment challenged me to go outside my box and talk to students in different settings.
   Approaching slowly to the cozy study corner, I introduced myself, and explained why I needed to capture her in this moment. Rebecca Friedman, 24, Wayne State University student was studying for midterms in The David Adamany Undergraduate Library.
“ This is my last semester at Wayne State. After graduating I am taking a trip to California to see my sister and my childhood best friend," said Friedman.
   Gabbing away, Friedman explained that she has enjoyed her four years here at Wayne State, but is excited to see what the future has in store for her. Wrapping up her chapter here, she will be graduating in May with a Bachelors degree in Media Arts and Studies.
   For my next picture, I attended an open art gallery called Blood Sport. Plastered on walls were different pieces of art that were emerged the beauty of blood. Going to into the art gallery I had expected a decent amount of people would be there. Allowing me to capture the picture I needed.    Low and behold, there wasn't more than one person in the gallery, who so happened to be the receptionist. I simply asked him to wander around and look interested in the art. Within moments, I had my planned picture and I was more than satisfied. Small talk was exchanged between us about art and what it means to him.
"Art, it's like uh, how someone interprets their internal feelings and sensation and transform them into a form of creativity," said Taqi. 
   This assignment pushed me out of my comfort zone in many different aspects. From talking to new people and taking a small glimpse into their lives, I learned the importance of taking down proper names, and having proper camera settings. I started off with a negative attitude towards feature photos, but then over the course of time, I learned feature photos are what I make them. 

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